VISIONS alum and President of the Homestead High School Spanish Club in Mequon, Wisconsin, Talia Gottlieb, has found a way to turn her experience in Nicaragua into a source of inspiration for her school’s Spanish Club fundraiser. The fundraiser aimed to raise money for the repair of a dilapidated kindergarten in El Hormiguero, a rural community north of Jinotega where Talia had spent time during her VISIONS program. 

Victorino, one of VISIONS local partners in Nicaragua, identified the repair of the kindergarten as a great project to fund. The kindergarten was located in El Hormiguero, a rural community in San Jose de Bocay Municipality, where 56 families were settled in pieces of land donated by the city hall.

The public school in the area was too far away for kids under 7 to walk to, which made the repair of the kindergarten crucial for the community’s children. Several members of the community agreed to provide the labor to rebuild the existing school, but they could not afford the necessary materials, such as metal tiles for the roof, wood for the structure, and a concrete floor. That’s where the Homestead Spanish Club came in, raising $1,000 for the required materials.

The success of the Homestead Spanish Club fundraiser is an example of how the VISIONS program can help students make a difference in the world. The program encourages students to develop lasting connections with local communities while working on projects that benefit those communities. The experience can inspire students to continue making a positive impact on the world even after the program ends.

The success of Talia and her classmates in raising funds for the kindergarten repair is a testament to the VISIONS program’s impact. It shows that even small efforts can make a big difference in the lives of others. The Homestead Spanish Club’s fundraiser will not only improve the quality of education for children in El Hormiguero, but will also provide an opportunity for the community to come together and work towards a common goal.

Before & after pictures of the school.