VISIONS Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization that supports community-building in three primary ways: 1) contributing to development projects in under-resourced locations; 2) providing scholarships to low-income students who want to build their capacity to contribute to the world; 3) working within our own town of Bozeman, Montana, to create opportunities for service work and cultural understanding, particularly for local teens.


VISIONS Service Adventures (summer programs) has worked in most of its program locations for 20 to 30 years. These long-term commitments and our emphasis on collaborative relationships with local partners bolster the effective — and efficient — efforts of VISIONS Foundation. 

Some local nonprofit organizations make a decisive difference in their communities. These have been identified specifically for their integrity and reliability in getting the job done, sometimes on a shoestring, others solely through sheer determination and the personal efforts of individuals. These organizations effectively meet pressing needs in their communities that are not otherwise met by local or national governments.

Over many seasons in the communities in which we work, VISIONS has gained a long-view perspective on the especially productive nonprofits that quietly strive to meet their communities’ needs. These entities have earned our confidence because we have witnessed first-hand a history of the solid work they have accomplished. Furthermore, the Foundation’s support tips the scales for these organizations to strategically, successfully achieve concrete goals.

The VISIONS Foundation augments financial resources for energetic grassroots initiatives, vital work that happens apart from the projects undertaken during VISIONS summer season. See our Community Partners page for a partial list of local partners supported by the VISIONS Foundation.


Since its earliest seasons, VISIONS Service Adventures has awarded financial aid to at least 15% of students who attend summer programs. The participation of diverse low- and middle-income teenagers unquestionably enriches the programs while also giving these kids an equal opportunity to contribute to global communities in high-impact ways. Some of these students come through partner organizations, including Summer Search, Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholars Program, REACH Prep, and A Better Chance.

Donations to the Foundation that are earmarked for scholarships provide summer program spaces to low-income students. These program spots are above and beyond the financial aid that VISIONS Service Adventures already provides, thereby allowing greater numbers of young leaders to tap into their greatest potential through service work and cultural immersion. 

Scholarships are not always limited to VISIONS summer programs. Application for financial aid may include opportunities for a young person to start a nonprofit that will help with community-building efforts, for example, or to attend another program that encourages personal growth by contributing to a local or global community. 


We believe that effective members of any community must participate in community life wherever they live. VISIONS is proud and fortunate to be based in Bozeman, Montana, where we work to create opportunities to foster cross-cultural understanding, service work, and community-building.

The Foundation aims to work with local teens, adults, and area nonprofits through community discussions, cultural and educational activities, social gatherings, service work initiatives, and workshops.