Vision: Amplify the abilities of inspired young people and community organizations to positively contribute to the world.

Mission: Provide financial support to young people and organizations that are driven to serve their communities in positive ways, but that need additional funding for their endeavors.


 Relationship with VISIONS Service Adventures

VISIONS Service Adventures (referred to here as VSA for clarity) was founded in 1988 as a cross-cultural community service program for teenagers. VSA operates summer programs for high school students as well as year-round custom programs for groups. 

After years of running these high-impact programs and building a sense of family among VSA participants and host communities around the world, several alumni had interest in making further contributions through fundraising efforts and other ways of giving back. 

In 2016, VISIONS Foundation was founded in order to help alumni with their fundraising initiatives, thereby bolstering their ability to continue serving the VSA communities that had such an impact on their lives. The Foundation later expanded its initiatives to also provide scholarships for low-income teenagers who would like to participate in cultural exchange volunteer programs.

While VISIONS Foundation provides ways to financially support important initiatives, VISIONS Service Adventures offers the opportunity for hands-on volunteer opportunities in locations around the world, including the Montana Blackfeet Indian Reservation, Peru, Dominican Republic, and British Virgin Islands.


We believe that effective members of any community must participate in community life wherever they live. VISIONS is based in Bozeman, Montana, where we work to create a greater connection to each
other and to the land. The Foundation aims to work with local teens, adults and area nonprofits through cultural and educational activities, gatherings, service work initiatives and workshops.