Our Partnership with VISIONS Service Adventures

Empowering the next generation of global citizens through meaningful service and cultural immersion, the VISIONS Foundation proudly supports the transformative volunteer programs of VISIONS Service Adventures. Our partnership is built on a shared commitment to being of service to other individuals and communities that can use assistance while also fostering personal growth and cross-cultural understanding for those who choose to serve.

Teen Service Trips: Building Bridges, Changing Lives

For 35 years, VISIONS Service Adventures has set the standard for teen summer programs that combine community service with cultural immersion and adventure. Join VISIONS for a volunteer opportunity on the Montana Blackfeet Indian Reservation in the U.S., or abroad in the British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, or Peru

In addition to summer programs for high school students, VISIONS also offers year-round custom programs for groups of any age who want to travel, immerse, volunteer, and make a difference.

Community Service: The Heart of Every Adventure

The essence of a VISIONS program is its commitment to community service. Participants engage in hands-on projects that not only challenge them physically and mentally but also connect them with the needs and values of local people. Projects include construction work, environmental initiatives, social service with children and elders, animal welfare, and more. 

Volunteers choose their project site each day, working alongside community members who have welcomed VISIONS programs for more than 25 years.

Cultural Immersion: Beyond the Surface

Each program immerses participants in the local culture deeply. Beyond the invaluable community service work, teens experience life alongside local residents, sharing meals, traditions, and daily activities. They live and work in the heart of host communities, sharing their lives in spontaneous, natural ways that far surpass a tour experience. 

This cultural immersion fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of global diversity, encouraging empathy, open-mindedness, and lifelong connections.

Adventurous Exploration and Community-Building: Binding it All Together

While we work hard on service projects that matter, what completes a VISIONS program is the exploration, fun, laughter and adventure that further binds the group and local partners toward friendships and connections that can change lives forever. Being part of this community-building through shared goals, accomplishments, open communication and mutual respect truly sets the VISIONS experiences apart.

VISIONS Teen Programs: A Season of Growth

The VISIONS summer programs and group custom programs include opportunities for significant personal development. Participants emerge from their experience with enhanced leadership skills, a stronger sense of global citizenship, and a profound understanding of their capability to contribute positively to the world.

A Partnership That Amplifies Impact

The VISIONS Foundation and VISIONS Service Adventures work hand in hand to make these life-changing opportunities accessible to more young people. Through financial support and scholarships, we strive to ensure that all motivated teens can be a part of these journeys of service and discovery, regardless of their financial background.

Join us in making a difference and discover how you can become part of this extraordinary adventure.