VISIONS Foundation has contributed to projects ranging from school construction to fundraisers supporting people in economic turmoil during the Covid pandemic. Most of these projects have been made possible by inspired and committed teenagers who have been touched by the power of hands-on community service and immersion experiences with VISIONS Foundation’s volunteer programs partner, VISIONS Service Adventures (VSA). 

The partnership of these “two VISIONS” (Foundation and VSA) along with alumni of VSA who have had the personal experience of giving back through volunteering creates a powerful dynamic. These teen volunteers as well as volunteer groups of any age can be intimately involved in doing service work alongside local community members through VSA, and can bolster that support with financial contributions through the Foundation.

Alumni Birthday & Holiday Give Back

VISIONS teen volunteers and adult alum can make a difference this holiday season - and year round - with our new Give-Back initiative. Be part of VISIONS history and future and give to important causes you care about.

VISIONS Baseball Drive

Daniel Shamah is a junior enrolled in the IB program at Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is also a future VISIONS volunteer registered in July’s Spanish immersion trip to Cotui, Dominican Republic. While playing high school baseball and preparing for Spanish exams, Daniel realized that, “Ni todos los niños son tan afortunados […]

Montana Northern Cheyenne Program Alumna Raises $5000

Samantha Ford’s fundraiser supported the important work of the Northern Cheyenne Kids Kollege program and other activities that are organized by our partners at the Extension Services of Chief Dull Knife Community College.

VISIONS Leader Raises Money for Peru Partners

Dave Ronn was a VISIONS participant in high school and went on to be a VISIONS leader after graduating college. Dave has led programs in Peru, Guadeloupe and Montana. Peru was especially hard hit by the pandemic and Dave was motivated to raise funds for local friends and partners who struggled to make ends meet.

Nicaragua Alumna Raises Money for School Construction

VISIONS alumna Talia Gottlieb used her experience in Nicaragua as inspiration for her school's Spanish Club fundraiser. They raised enough money to build a new kindergarten that serves children in a northern rural community.